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What a weekend! Top fun all round. Saturday, we went to a beer festival and saw Dr Thirsty (rock covers band)play. After that we went to see ‘Organ Donor’ at Bar Med. Superb they were. Funk/Reggae/Dub 4 piece. Star of the show was the keyboard player. Proper Hammond organ and Lesley rotating speaker. Top stuff. Had a haircut, got ready for FIRE!

What a night it was.. Great DJ set from new boy Will J and his bro Matty J on symbols and timbala, top stuff from Mr Len Basey (pictured above), poor show from My Johnnie Fredericks who was not in the house, blinder of a headline DJ slot from Mr Brett Weatherhead. Stick it in your dairy – next FIRE 27th March. More pics 2 to follow.

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