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Rats – just typed out a blog then lost it…

Scatty mish mash of a blog coming up..
Been working near Runcorn for a few days. Decided to have a look at Runcorn. Nearly got caught in a chavalanche. Scary.

Driving home last night I broke down in the congamobile on the way back. On’t M62 just near the farm that refused to move (so they had to build the motorway round it). Both headlights gone. The man from the AA managed to help me figure out that the full beams worked. Drove home dazzling everyone who came towards me. Not fun!
Today I’m working in the all new wing of the Harrogate international Centre. Queens Suite it’s called. Very nice but the all new bright red carpets are superb at building up static, ensuring that every time I touch something metal I get a shock.
GT4 was released yesterday, my mate who? has been playing it says it’s got loads of new stuff and the graphics are amazing and that the new Nissan Skyline looks weird. Can’t wait to play it.
Tomorrow I’m supposed to be playing at Dr Wu’s in Leeds with Brett Weatherhead and Neil Jacques. Should be a larf! Right.. back to the chaos that is my life at the moment.

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