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What a weekend! Superb. After a brief meeting up at the Anima Mundi Shed to discuss things about the Newby Hall Easter openday that we’re running next weekend we headed back into town.

The Theatre (yes I’m sorry for previous versions of that spelling) All Day Music Party was fantastic. We saw a few bands in the afternoon – Nuns Bleeding Guns – already mentioned – very cool, the sort of stuff I’d really like to listen to at home as well as out.. Mullholland – I’ve heard a whole lot about these – pure power, grinding fast stuff, no idea how a three man band can make that much noise. High energy and quality. Then Jaygo and I sneaked onto the top balcony and got this photo of The Purple Mushrooms (below) before I was told off for being there (sorry!)

Went to see Tiger Bomb who were and then took the boys off to put them to bed/baby-sitter hand over. Came back into town, had high stress finding my brand new set of bongo’s (long and boring story) before getting back to the theatre an hour later than I wanted to – gutted because I wanted to see one of my fave Harrogate bands – Scapegoat Kelly – came in just as Rich was saying “thanks very much, good night!” Ahh well. By this point in the evening, the place was filling up with an amazing cross section of people in classic music party style (one of the amazing things about the music party). Started getting stuff together for our gig – we were headlining the Studio (Chinese Whispers Stage). The guy that was on before us was Karl Cully. I saw his set accidentally (just wanted to sneak in and drop off my bongo’s) but I’m so glad I did. Captivating style if ever I saw one. Technical finger picking guitar genius with heart felt velvety singing. It was as if Nick Drake had mentored him. After that we did our (Dalmatian Kebab) set which was really enjoyable and went without hitch..

(Thanks to Matty B for this photo.) The room was full – but all seated – 3 rows of seats like a TV studio. Everyone had no option to natter, go to the bar, wander about.. all eyes on us, scrutinising every move – certainly hones the concentration! After that, a mad dash for some of us to appear at the “Official Music Party After Party” at Bar Med’s Late Lounge in The JFK Experience. What a gig this was. The place was rammed and it was a total sweat box. Johnnie Fredericks on the decks pulled a blinder, accompanied by me on’t percussion, Len on Sax, Jimmy J on Trumpet, Cloudbass on Guitar and WB Sanders on Bass with guest vox from Rich (Scapegoat Kelly) and a Nicole who sang some top riffs – went perfectly with the sax line. What a day!

Can’t wait till next year!

Sunday – recovery mode (My hands bruised and battered, like my head!).. Massive Sunday roast fixed the latter followed by a shifty through Matt B’s photos of the event. Top shots – I’ll let you know if they get published someplace. Today’s been work type mode – planning for the next few FIRE events… we’ve got some right treat in store! Anyway – I’m off before I fill up the internet with my ramblings.

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