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This morning I finished reading Small Island by Andrea Levy.
Superb read. In utter contrast to some of the stuff that I’ve been reading lately. Andrea’s writing is great, the stories are very believable and it’s a fascinating insight into war time Britain, Jamaican life and the black population of the UK that arrived in war time and prejudice from both sides.It won the Whitbread book prize last year.

Tonight – Just been to see Hansel and Gretel (Carl Miller) at the Harrogate Theatre Online. Took the boys. Hmm – slightly bewildered. It seemed to be a high art dance based (good choreography) play based on the Hansel and Gretel theme. It didn’t feel like it was aimed at me or the kids, too young a plot for me, too ‘grown up’ and experimental a delivery for the kids imho. came out feeling bewildered, unfortunately didn’t enjoy it much. (unlike some of the other top stuff I’ve seen recently at the theatre!)

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