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Back in the land of the busy. Weekend was cool, the last blog was as much an experiment to see if I could blog with entirely borrowed hardware.

Erm.. anyway – been through to Leeds today to look at a bar where I’m playing at a week Friday alongside a Leeds DJ. Relaunch of the cube bar (Top of millennium Square) into it’s new name “cocoon”. Cracking looking bar, big glass front overlooking the square. Eirene, ickle and Dale are up to some poi, Trumpet and Sax also alongside the DJ… FRIDAY 15h April dare I say it sounds a bit FIREish..

Speaking of FIRE, there’s the FIRE Private Party / “DragonDrop networking party!” (ticket only) on Sunday the 17th April if you know it/us or feel you want to know it/us email me for tickets/info

Just been sent some links from a mate of mine who obviously has too much time on his hands….

Interesting links!

Pie throwing.
Give out your own tickets.

Form the paulkingnorth blog I found the URL
And watched the (21MB) S.F.’s Jennifer Jolly (Fox-KTVU) vid where “she gets pied for her anti-protester propaganda. ” I think she got her just desserts. *Ahem*

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