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What a weekend (again my Monday morning starts off with that!) Did a gig in Leeds with Brett, Neil and friends – first birthday party of Community! (at Dr Wu’s) even a special guest appearance from Tommy Max!. Had a top evening. Community has just got a new residency in Harrogate by the way at Bar Med’s VIP Lounge – every Friday.

Saturday – Went to see Scapegoat Kelly at Bar Med. Superb gig – top quality. Perhaps one of the most enjoyable times I’ve seen them (apart from their first ever gig – un beatable because of the newness of it all). Great sound they got going on now. Polished, slick and powerfully confident. Day got da funk. I hope we (Dalmatian Kebab) get something like that kind of vibe going when we play there next Saturday!

Sunday, fell from bed to bath to deck chair then back to bed again. finished reading

Perfume The Story Of A Murderer.

What a top book. Like nothing else I’ve ever read. Starts out in mid 18th century Paris. It’s a book of high visulaisation – not through the eyes but rather through olfactory senses..
Read the first few pages here>>

Other stuff – someone’s noted a comment on this drop (Tribal Gathering) that tickets go on sale in 2 weeks – he/she has also mentioned another really quite cool sounding mini fest up in’t Dales.

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