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We attempted to have “a quiet one” this weekend. We got given a piano. None of us can play (yet) but I’m going to try and learn a bit. Bumped into a friend who can play (really well) whilst it was in tow in asda car park. Impromptu piano concerto ensued in the car park. Very surreal.

After installing said beast into our dining room, we went round to our friends on Saturday for a BBQ – top nosh..

this turned into a party and by 11 it was about 40 strong,

the decks were spinning choons. Good fun.

Sunday – spent all day outside. Top weather. We were invited round to another friends Birthday bash for full on Sunday roast in the garden, birthday cake and ice cold lager. Bliss.

Today I got some new glasses and I’ve had 3 meetings, 2 of which have been in a pub, one of which was concerning the next FIRE – got some real crazy stuff lined up for ya! Home again now, just eaten and fancy a night of watching telly and reading.

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