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We’re over in Gatley, Manchester staying at me cousins. Superb day yesterday.
Visited The Imperial War Museum North Superb building – offering fascinating displays of tanks, nukes and land mine proof cars, harrier jump jets and stuff. Had one of the most spectacular AV shows I’ve ever seen:

the entire place was plunged into darkness, all the walls used as the canvas for a 10 min film on why wars began

We went to the top of the sticky up ‘fin’ out of the roof (on the photo) for some stunning views across the city. We could see Manchester footy ground and all sorts.

After that we went to a park with a pat pat farm and stuff, watched the boys attempt to eat the biggest ice creams I’ve seen in years followed by a visit to a top class Butchers in Gatley for a load of meat. Came back and BBQ’d it – superb! Wen’t for a few scoops in the village before crashing.

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