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Friday Came out of a proper chilled week in the the middle of nowhere that was Baysdale Abbey

into The sprawling metropolis that is Leeds city centre for a gig at Cocoon in Millenium Square. Fun gig.

Saturday – set up at The Late Lounge for The JFK Experience. Unfortunately Johnnie Fredericks, JFK’s DJ couldn’t make it but we made the most of it! Blake and guest from Pete (Scapegoat Kelly) on bass, Cloudbass on guitar, me on’t percussion, jimmy jones on trumpet, Ben on sax some records, some drum loops.. quite a unique sound!

Sunday – caught up on a bit of work, went to a meeting about a free festival that’s kicking off in Masham on June 4th (more on that later) and went to watch a superb film at the Odeon Harrogate – The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Very close to the radio play version – really entertaining. Great casting, some new ideas and some of the book ideas superbly done.

It’s one of those years that seems to be lined up with a whole load of quality looking films. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ,the new Spielberg film War of the Worlds , Madagascar and (of course) The concluding part to the pre trilogy trilogy Star Wars Episode III, Revenge of the Sith. I am very excited.

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