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Been working for HIC this week in the new Queens Suite. Sitting here now, looking out at the sun, hearing things like “oh Harrogate could be one of the hottest places in the country today”. Tonight, going to the official launch party of Plush magazine at Revolution Harrogate then off to the grand final of Stray FM’s “Knock Out Rock Out” battle of the bands at Bar Med. I’m supposed to be a judge. Should be fun. 4 bands, one of which I’ve seen before (Mullholland) along side 2 bands I’ve never heard of – SpeakEasy and Kid Ego – and York based band “Toyshelf” who I have heard of and have a top reputation. Apparently at the music party, they had to be dragged off stage because the crowd wouldn’t let them stop!

Heard a fascinating story about rock of a different kind earlier today. A colleague who was telling me about a really strange, unexplained natural phenomena he’s seen in Death Valley California. Moving Rocks. It seems that across the 10,000 year old dried clay lake bed rocks decided to go on a little adventure of their own and leave tracks in their wake.

“The best theory put forwarded so far is that the rocks are moved by strong gusty winds during winter time – on days when a layer of ice gets formed on the surface which supplies the necessary lubrication.” more pics here and here and here

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