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Just got in. That was an experience. Getting to be on the judge bench for something like a battle of the bands final was a right privilege. I have to say that the winners didn’t get my #1 vote. The 4 bands, Mulholand up first did a great performance, Toyshelf were cool but I felt their material was perhaps a little bland and uninspiring yet very promising with excellent delivery. Kid Ego for me with the boys who if it had been totally up to me and the judging criteria was “who had the best gig / who put on the best show / who were the best entertainers” I would have said without doubt would have been these boys.Full on nutters. They had a megaphone, they had crowd surfers.

Kid Ego. I’m sure I’m not the first to note, they had a bit of that “The Darkness” Nu Cool thing going on about them. They are men what do rock.

SpeakEasy – I think were great but lacked the rounded maturity that a band of their genre (sort of chili peppers) needs. I’d keep an eye out for them – if they are still at it in a couple of years they will kick ass.

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