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Does anybody else find this funny?

Top day yesterday.. got up, went into town and ate breakfast at the greasy spoon in the train station (where we saw the above sign on the key cutters shop).

Got some new boots (after my other ‘off roaders’ disintegrated when we were away last week.) got a birthday prezzy for a mate and went to his birthday bash. He’s well into his disk golf and we ended up the day with 9 holes. Diskgolf I think is ace – it’s the first time I’ve played it. You have a range of disks (like you would a range of cubs in normal golf) – Drivers, putters, approach disks etc. The basic jist is to get a disc from T to hole in as few throws as possible. The ‘hole’ looks like this:

So today – think we are just about to go and see some friends, have a look at Las Sangrass playing at the Blues Bar and then perhaps going to see Liam Gray at the conference centre tonight.

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