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142! that’s a record number of visitors – last Friday had at least 142 unique visitors (the way it works, an office where people are sharing the same IP would count as 1). I’ts averaging out at around 100 unique visitors per day with about 150 – 250 page views at the moment but a spike of 142 was interesting.. Hmm.. Why is this I ask.. well search strings that have lead people to DragonDrop in the last week or so include:

nuns bleeding guns


toyshelf band


tiger bomb harrogate

kid ego york

cocoon bar leeds

masterpeace festival

“music party” harrogate


bliss in skipton

BRB, Harrogate

bright eyes osymyso

carringtons, bottom of the bottle pics

funk dragon

Krubera Cave

music party 2005 harrogate

What happened to Jennifer Jolly @ KTVU

when did house music originate

But that does not answer the question. Why did YOU come to today?

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