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Been up to all sorts this weekend. Friday night I played at Community at Bar Med. Great night . There was me on’t percussion, Nick on Keys, Tim on guitar jamming along to 3 dj’s : Graham Douglas, Mark Holland and John Hebden. Funky house mainly, some really fresh stuff in there. Good mix of people, good vibe, two thumbs fresh. Up for some more of that!
Saturday,Thonrborough Festival in Masham. This was ace. We got there about mid day, Eirene was doing some face painting, in the kids area

I went for a wander to check out some music. The best stage by far was at the back of the Bruce pub – outdoor rig supplied by Allan Smyth Audio Visual (little plug there, but well deserved, the sound was top quality – really well engineered by Mr Sanders! – the new void rig rocks!)
Saw Peace Through Superior Fire Power

who I’ve not seen for years (last time was at rason deter many moons ago) great harmonies, rocky kinda stuff. The bass player was sporting a fantastic T-Shirt 😉 Pottered around, saved my first pint of the day till about 4pm (well done me pacing myself!) Theakstons XB – top juice.
Went and had a look at The Smokestacks

(or ‘we smoke stacks’ as someone thought they were called) really enjoyable stuff . One of the ways I gauge music is “would I have it on my walkman or in the car” – a resounding yes. Funky kind of stuff, great lead vox, really interesting sounds, well written stuff.
Also saw Tigerbomb on that stage.

Top stuff. Not sure about Dan’s chick shades!
Shortly after that we went into the town hall – ‘the big venue’ – to watch Mullholland.
Full on rock music, guys giving it all they got up on stage, a spectacle of raw tallent… and cakes. At the back. A unique merch stand if ever I saw one!

Went and set up camp in the campsite that Matt B sorted out 5 mins walk from town, right on the river. Had Scottish Al with us. Tree surgeons are worth their weight in gold when it comes to setting up camp. Before long he’d sourced a dead tree and had hacked it up for firewood. There were about 6 vans and 20 tents – a good number of happy campers!
Our (Dalmatian Kebab) gig was at 9pm. The town hall was a strange venue, the sound (supplied by Ripon City Music) was in my humble opinion way off the mark [Edit instert – on reflection, I wouldn’t say it was ‘way off the mark’, more, ‘not as good as it could have been’ – it was afterall provided gratis by RCM, so some PA is better than none] -. A small PA with just one monitor on stage. Just 2 small bass cabs and 2 tops. As a result, I couldn’t hear myself play. (I know a good workman shouldn’t blame his tools but..) as a result I had a rubbish gig. Other people said it was OK but I didn’t enjoy as I was straining to hear myself and all I could hear was a 1/3 second delay of some of my sound off the back wall.
After the gig, managed to catch a little bit of Scapegoat Kelly

Harrogate masters of funk didn’t disappoint. (again) I didn’t get to see their full set due to escorting the kids back to the camp site. A very late night for them – straight off to sleep (in clover) and we had a drum and a laff round the old camp fire.
The weekend was to raise awareness of the henges at Thornborough. A result I would say.

Came back yesterday and spent 2 hours making a curry. Nice round off to the weekend!

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