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Arrgh! Stressful day! Clover has failed her MOT abysmally, naughty girl. My task list is the same length as it was this morning and IÂ?ve only got a couple hours left in the dayÂ?

WhoaÂ? think tranquilloÂ?. Deep breaths. Counting to tenÂ?

Went to the launch of a new night at BMH last night – Kasbar It was ace! An “Indie Lounge”, good vibe, good choons and cheap beer! Top thing to do on a Thursday.

Gigging in Leeds tonight at the Cocoon Bar with Radio Aire – something to do with a party to celebrate a year of the breakfast show or something (?). I’ve no idea what’s going on but on the edetaildeail page on their website they have this picture…

A conga playing wabbit.(Is that supposed to be me?)

Tomorrow I really want to see Fingerobics at Bar Med’s Late Lounge. Just been listin to some demo’s on their website – good sounds. Jazz and yay funk tastic.

Speaking of Jazz, I’m playing in the Sharon Colgan band at the Blues Bar this Sunday. Should be fun – nice afternoon giggage. 2pm.

Reet – back to stressville.

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