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Went into Leeds after work on Friday to play at cocoon. Not a bad gig, The first DJ (some guy off the radio I believe) in my humble opinion was not quite right for the venue, The place was a lot quieter after he had played. Some good tunes though, but I’d heard them all to death. Lots of 80’s, lots of chart disco. Not really my ting! The guy who came on after him was superb though – we got on well – A chap called Paul Meyers form Liverpool. Funk, Jazz, breaks and some of the most unusual (in a good way) remixes I’ve heard in a long time – A Japanese electo version of a Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana was his opening gambit, into some really cool jazzed out stuff.

Saturday, got up and we all decorated my new office. Good fun, had the boys I the middle of it all watching Johnny English on DVD (not bad.. they liked it) It’s now walnut (although the colour looks nowt like it does on the walls)

Sunday – went and played a gig at the Blues Bar with the ‘Sharon Sex Tet’ A 6 piece straight jazz band – good muso’s. I felt rather young! Technically brill, very sharp, I found it a bit hard jamming along but it sounded alright and seemed to go down well. Bumped into an old friend of mine who is now living in Spain then went to a birthday party and had top thai nosh. Kids were going bananas as they had been partying all day (they went to another party before that one!) Chilled out on return to DragonDrop and watched big brother. It’s getting interesting now. Making them compete to see who can stay in a cardboard box for the longest was very funny.

Now it’s Monday, still ploughing through mail really, just got this picture of a computer mod (thanks to who? For sending this in) I want one.

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