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A very busy week I’ve had so far. I’ve got to be boring this weekend as I’ve got a 7 day straight job on at the conference center starting tomorrow. Shame, would have liked to have a look at Engage at the Little Wonder (Psy Trance DJ’s). Today I’ve got a Multiple deadline pile-up followed by a drive up to someplace near Newcastle. I think it will be a heatwave next week (because I’ll be stuck in a darkened backstage type environment all week) Anyway. Went to Kasbar last night at Bar Med. They have the new beers in. Draft Stella and Guinness downstairs. Get on. Tried Kronenberg Blanc. Ahhh… whitbier! Reminds me of times living in Amsterdam, hot sunny day, tall glass with mashed lemon and witbier.. v.nice. Anyway… far too early to be thinking of beer!

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