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Nice.. Just got back into town after driving to Sedbergh and back this evening to drop a load of people off up there. Noticed about 5 miles out of said town that the door wasn’t shut properly (minibus) so I got out. I noticed that I was stood in an absolutely idyllic spot. Next to a bridge going over a very impressive river, stood on the bridge for a wile, admiring the scene and enjoying the peace. Mused on thoughts of camping perfection over the field next to the river I could see… Walked round the side of the van with the offending door and found £20 on the floor! a crisp new twenny quid note in the middle of nowhere! On the drive up I’d noticed a cracking looking boozer, (Timothy Taylors and Theakston cask) so, starving hungry I relocated it. The White Swan was it’s name, 1510 it was built, Aberdeen Angus steak and a pint of TT’s gold had I. Happy Matt.

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