Brio fire

I’ve just watched Harrogate Brio’s (the town one, not Hornbeam) restaurant burn down. Working at the Harrogate International today (doing tekky stuff), glanced out and the whole area was covered with really thick white smoke. I got outside and I could hear what sounded like a fireworks display – loads of cracking and banging. I followed that and the first thing I saw was huge flames coming out the roof and hundreds of tiles exploding. The flames got bigger and swept across the roof, 5 minutes later the fire brigade turned up and started tooling up. They initially pumped loads of water on adjacent buildings. Paul Q (yes the an ex FIRE resident DJ!) turned up with a digital camera and we took loads of shots

After a while we watched what was left of the roof cave in and the fire rip through the first floor. It took the brigade quite a while to tackle the blaze but eventually the reduced it to smoke. Everywhere now stinks of smoke (I’m currently in Queens Suite) Just come from the the main auditorium at HIC which is still filled with smoke as the air con in take must have been in direct line of the smoke.

So quite an eventful fathers day! I got a keyring torch off the boys. Felix made me breakfast in bed which consisted of cornflakes and strawberry blamanche. Nice!

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