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What a mare I’ve had. Technical conspiracy. My FTP went down to everything – could not publish websites, letting clients down, could not blog, could not upload a big pile of photos that someone needed… argh.. Yesterday was like this all day – luckily it’s sorted itself out now.

Went out last night and had a much fun with a couple of friends. Went to Cardinal Sins for a bit.
So this morning I thought the technical problems had sorted themselves – nope.. Had the cricket on all day – what a superb morning, thrashing our way through the Australians in 190. Superb. Things were looking up. Got quite a lot done, had a good couple of meetings, things were looking up. Then multiple work problems and crisis kicked in, and England lost the top 5 batters far to quickly. Currently on 79 for 5. Here was me thinking anything less than a 200 target may be achievable. Hmm.. not feeling as confident now.. still tis only day 1. Rats. Whilst typing we’ve just lost another wicket. 97/7

My little bro is coming to visit tonight, looking forward to that.

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