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at ‘gate, 31st july 05

What a night. Not having FIRE at Bar Med seemed to work. ‘gate proved to be a superb venue. The 2 floors thing worked. Upstairs, the laid back chilled out bit, lounge vibe with loads of sofas and the massive leather bed, trippy lights chilled out choons. Downstairs in the front window we errected a bizarre contraption out of ship sails. Projected stuff onto these – worked really well again. It felt a bit like a dance tent. Literally behind us was a patch of pavement with fire breathing, poi and staff activity in full effect. So there was me (percussion), Len Bassey (sax) and Jimmy Jones (trumplehorn) alongside firstly Johnnie Frederics. Great set, tried out a couple of JFK Experience numbers sounded sweet. Lots of stuff I’ve never heard before. Next up, Cloudbass. Superb set. Daft Punk mashed up, breaksy in places beats. Uber basslines. Following the Swedish Chef was Mike H – deep deep tribaly house gear with a bit of cross over into things like a dirty white stripes house mix. Nice stuff. Ace to play drums to.. Upstairs a completely different almost dare I say ‘The Late Lounge’ kinda vibe was going on with Johnnie Frederics. The time flew by, I took some pictures, played some drums did some nattering had a really top night. Up at 9am this morning as well! Blue Bar full English breakfast and a pint of Guinness sorted everyting right out.

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