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We went to a wedding on Friday. Loads of people that I’ve not seen for ages. The had a professional fire act. This was quite interesting to watch, – a structured ‘show’. He had double fire staff on the go, a fire sword (this looked cool) and fire clubs. The clubs were very cool to watch.

On Saturday we were on full chill mode. Top stuff. I finished reading an epic book that I’ve been on for most of the summer ‘Birds Without Wings’ by Louis de Berniéres (the same chap that wrote ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’)

Fantastic read. It’s 625 pages of small print unravel a story set in Turkey at the end of the Ottoman empire. A lot of it is set in a part of Turkey that we spent a fair bit of time in while traveling – BC (Before Kids). Loius is a master of the English language and his writing style reeks of quality (unlike mine..reeks?)

After that we took the kids for a surprise trip to the Cinema. Told them that we were going out for a walk and had to go via my office to get something (near the Cinema). We went to see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Superb film.

We’d just finished reading the boys the book and the translation from Dahl’s original story was ace.

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