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So yea – here are the FIRE photos – not as many / as high quality as I’d have liked due to a technical hitch with the camera… and most of the fish eye ones of FIRE didn’t come out that well.. but non the less some cool views of the best party in town…

click for visitage.

Superb weekend.. As I suspected it was non stop.

Did a lap of Manchester on Friday, (wedding in NE, reception in SW, hotel in SE) stayed up way past my bed time after that drinking the world to rights with Eirene’s cousins. Saturday, found a superb park in Manchester called Birchfields. Hung out there, got a picnic from Turkish Supermarket – reminded us of the shops around us when we lived in “little Turkey” in Amsterdam.

Drove home, had a night in with simes who’d come up from London village to see us. Watched “It’s All Gone Pete Tong” – I thought this was going to be silly/cheesy/laddish, Kevin and Perry style humor but no – it was a superb film, clever plot really well acted. Followed by “Maria Full Of Grace” a Columbian drama about drug smuggling. Slightly disturbing, heavy going but very good.

Sunday, Eirene had designed a day full of my favorite things – started out with breakfast in bed, prezzys and such then we went to have a go on a chocolate fondou. Ver ver nice. Strawberries in melted choc choc for mid morning snacks. After that, Bradford, for my Birthday Lunch. Curry. My fave. After that we all went to IMAX to see Aliens of the Deep 3D. Blimey, this was amazing. one of my favorite things to do on a Sunday afternoon is to lounge about and watch nature programs. This was the ultimate nature program. 3d and on the biggest screen in the world. Bosh.

After that, drove back and set up FIRE. What a night 🙂 we’ve got it spot on in ‘gate now. decor looks fantastic, it sounds spot on an the atmosphere is electric (imho). Can’t wait till next month for FIRE’s second birthday and Halloween extravaganza (and fancy dress – check out last years!)

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