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Quality weekend as solo-dad. Saturday’s first job was to go to the toyshop in Harrogate. A new minicon for Felix, new toy rally car for Jay. McLunch followed, then a trip to Ilkley to see a play – ‘The Pink Centipede’ The boys loved it. Jay got to be the river, Felix a meadow and everyone (inc. me) a centipede leg) After that we went up Ilkley Moor… without hats. Found a maze thing called the millennium maze. Quite fun. On the way home we popped into Aunty Tina’s before going to the pet shop and buying a new goldfish. Came home, set up the old fish tank and christened the new fish “Freddy”.

Sunday, we went to Waterworld at Monks Cross (near York) This has got to be the best swimming pool I’ve been to ever. 3 waterslides which wind allover the building and even outside the building, one of which you go down on a massive water ring. Wave machines, as well as “the lazy river” a circular pool route that has a current. Grab a body board and go for a ride!. Much fun. After that, more junk food at Burger King then home. I was fast asleep when Eirene got home, but I was woken with loads of treats including Austrian chocolate, sausage and cheeses.

Today, back near Runcorn.

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