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Podcasts – gotta mention podcasts. I just discovered them last week and have got very much hooked. For someone who’s spending 4+ hours a day in a car at the moment (like me) has 1xMP3 player, 1xPC with internet, they are a ace. 1000’s of different radio station, individuals, groups and such from all walks of life are making half hour shows (or editing down the best bits) and sticking it on the web ready to be downloaded onto you portable mp3 player or computer. Audioblogging is also being podcasted. Other software allows you to ‘subscribe’, so you always have the latest version (most are updated weekly and are about 30 mins) automatically synchronised with your player. (more info on the trusty BBC about it here)

I’ve got into :
– “This Week In Tech” geeky but great and down to earth often side long glance at gadgets, software, tech companies and people..
– “Top of the pods” – some guy from Peterborough, new top 10 list every week,quite dry.
– “The Don and Drew show”, American couple, funny, seem to have cult following.
– “Chris Moyles Podcast” love him or hate him, he makes me laugh.
– “Chris Evans tea and scones” interview / hilights.
and a bunch more, but they are the ones I’ve liked so far… check out this directory – searchable podcast dir, with rss.

Are you a podcast listening? Are you a podcaster?

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