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We went to see STOMP “The international percussion experience” last night at the Alhambra in Bradford. That has got to be not only one of the best things I’ve ever seen at the theatre, but one of the best live music things I’ve ever seen. The description I’m about to give it could by now way do it justice.. It’s a bunch of people using household things (brooms, matchboxes, bins water cooler bottles.. even the kitchen sink) in perfect rhythm and harmony. Stunning. The performance was about an hour and a half and had the packed house riveted and baying for more at the end. 5 star recommendation, two thumbs fresh.

Today It’s been muydah on the roads. Left my wallet at home so had to back track to Harrogate after setting off for Cheshire today – by the time I got back on track, early Leeds rush hour had kicked in, then the M62 was a car park.

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