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Did a gig at an amazing place on Friday night – Coombe Abbey. Medieval style caste type place, very George and the Dragon. The staff wore period costume and all the fixtures and fittings, carvings and furniture made it feel like you were stepping back in time. Good fun gig – the DJ (Olly) played a Hed Kandi style set.

Got home just in time on Saturday to go swimming with the family at Knaresborough pool. It was empty apart from us.. Nice! Got a free DVD with The Guardian – Bagdad Cafe and watched that on the evenining. A superb character driven film set in the middle of the Mojave desert in the U,S of A.

Yesterday, chill day in front of the fire playing vid games with the boys, watching telly and that. Now I’m in Cheshire, awaiting a brief.

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