1000 photos

In the past week I’ve taken over 1000 photos. It’s been a week of contrasts!

Sunday, went to Alfie’s 2nd Birthday party. He’s our God Son and he’s ace. He was feeling a little off colour which was a shame, but a good afternoon was had non the less.

Sunday morning I woke up in Newcastle. I went for a stroll. Nice city, took loads of photos but liked this one the best because of all the types of windows – even a trains windows.

Saturday night (and the reason I was up in Newcastle) I was taking photos for Blu Bambu. A huge (1400 capacity) club.

Cool VIP / cocktail bar – Flaming Lamorghini’s rock (photographically!). May see if I can convince someone to make me one at FIRE!

Before going into the club I went for a wander round Newcastle and saw a thing that looked like Nelsons Column that projected huge balls of fire from the top every minute or so. It also made a really strange noise. Should have audio blogged it!

Friday evening I went out for a few scoops, before that I snapped this really odd photo of our cat Jasper

Friday early evening, I was taking some photos of cocktails for Montey’s

Friday day – food & catering photography for an old folks home. Not a bad gig. I got to eat this pancake (along with quite a few of the other ‘props’)

Thursday – much the same as Friday,

Wednesday much the same as that.

My poor old Nikon is having a day off today.

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