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Lump of?

Lump of?, originally uploaded by frogdog1. Check this out – unknown matter! as found by a DragonDrop T-shirt owner… does anyone know what it is?

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A great year I think for me. Had a top Christmas. Got some superb prezzies including a hip flask, a luger telescope and a new bag. Spent the day cooking. I was at the kitchen stumps for a massive 7 hours getting our 11.5lb goose and all the bits ready. Boxing Day saw in a bit of disk golf then… Read more →

FIRE in a can

FIRE in a can, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. A friend brought me this back from a recent trip to Japan. I am drinking it right now. Imagine really strong coffee with UHT milk instead of water. Gone cold. That’s what you get. Strangely compelling.

View from Morgan’s Café Bar, Earby

View from Morgan’s Café Bar, Earby, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. In a top room in a café in Earby (the fair town where I currently work) that we have walked passed loads of times but never popped in until yesterday when we popped in and I had a fantastic liver and tatties platter. Ordered steak and kidney pud today. I… Read more →


Brendan, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Spinning long poi like a good un. This was shot at FIRE on Sunday. More to follow – just had to spend $40 on a bit of software to recover the photos off my flash card as it corrupted.

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STUNNING night at Fire. What a stormer. Loads of people came out the woodwork. The new venue worked sooo well. It was great to have a place where there is a./ enough room to swing several cats, b./ can tolerate our large sound system and c./ has a great area for fire spinning. We had the big screen projections of… Read more →

FW: One Man And His Dog

FW: One Man And His Dog, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. One Man And His Dog has allways been a fave telly box prog of mine. Its one of the simple pleasures in life. Imagine my surprise when I spotted that someone with my actual name was competing in said competition.

The Tempest Arms

The Tempest Arms, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Top pub, Timothy Taylors Landlord. Cracking menu, free WiFi and its near work. We like it here.

Mint Army

Mint Army, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Look at all my little mint soldiers on top of my monitor. Only got a few more to go now to complete the set (full span of monitor). Can you help?

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In case you have not read this weeks local rag:It’s heralding some rather important news forthwith:

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After a dreadful start to the week where we got humiliated at the cricket (and we were doing so well as well) I plodded through a few busy days at work where stress levels were uncommonly high. Got a new phone recently. It’s superb. A HTC Hermes.slide out qwerty keyboard. 400mhz pocket pc with a phone, 2mega pix cam, 3G… Read more →

this weekend

this weekend, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. I have been mostly watching the cricket. Good show. They don’t like it up em.

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It’s just become officialdom.. NEXT FIRE : 17TH DECEMBER 2006 CRISTMAS KICK OFF PARTY 9PM – 3AM In case you’ve not been to the venue before, it is stunning and beautiful.. It’s in the same building as (RIP) Bar Med where it all started over 3 years ago. As well as FIRE legends Cloudbass, Mike H and Dharma, we’ve got… Read more →