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Am in’t paper…(Harrogate Advertiser, Weekend Section (last Friday’s – 26th Jan)

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Just finished reading ‘Around the world in 80 days’ by Jules Verne. A classic book. I thought I remembered the plot from a film version but didn’t the film have hot air balloons in it? (the book does not). It’s been a fascinating read of a technically plausible adventure. A world of no aeroplanes, Trans ocean steamers, colonial far east… Read more →


IMAGE_00138.jpg, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Watchink ‘knievel’ doing a stunning performance at the rat unh parrot. These guys rock. Is their webington I think.

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click here for flyer / click here for FIRE

Quick game of pool

Quick game of pool, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Nags head. The tables are so wonkey its like crown pool.

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Remember the coolness of the Honda Cogs advert when it first came out? well in my humble opinion they have done it again with “This is what a Honda sounds like” check it out here >> an interesting press release on the making of the ad can be found here>> I shouldn’t really be plugging Honda today as I’m over… Read more →

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Finished reading Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami (translated into English form Japanese) this morning. Like “Norwegian Wood” – one of the things I liked about Kafka on the Shore was the character development. Kafka on the Shore is an incredible story, perhaps the sort of plot that if you saw it in a film you would have an… Read more →

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The latest DragonDrop Adventure Shirt shot is from Maria who’s having a look round Vietnam at the moment. Extra bonus points for featuring this splendid little dragon.. Click here to visit the T-Shirt Gallery

Fairburn Ings nature reserve

Fairburn Ings nature reserve,originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Really nice little spot we are at. Loads of duck, swan, terns and moor hens ::amendment::After further study, I’d say they probably weren’t moor hens that I saw, rather coots. Or, like the plural of a goose is geese, is the plural of a coot, a ceet? And I’m not sure of the… Read more →


Scarborough, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. In Scarborough… Here is a pic I took seconds ago.

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Err.. ‘thanks’ to McParty for sending this in. . .Stuff On My CatI think it’s funny. And the cats don’t seem to mind that much. Maybe they are stunt cats.


This is a test post from , a fancy photo sharing thing.

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Got back into England on Saturday morning. Yesterday I had interweb connectivity problems. Firstly, the youngest member of the DragonDrop T-Shirt Adventurers – Jaygo with a 1 – 2k year old Dragon Tree – : Click to visit the T-Shirt gallery We had an absolutely fantastic time. Squeezed in so much. Hilight would be going to the top of Mount… Read more →

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Still in the mighty fine Tenerife. It´s 16:30 ish on Wednesday. Went to the top of Mount Teide today. 11,000+ feet alt. What a view. Very thin air, cold and snow! spectacular. Been bezzing about in our little hire car, chilling out on black volcanic beaches, swiming, snorkeling eating loads and reading loads.The book I finished last night called Vernon… Read more →