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Still in the mighty fine Tenerife. It´s 16:30 ish on Wednesday. Went to the top of Mount Teide today. 11,000+ feet alt. What a view. Very thin air, cold and snow! spectacular. Been bezzing about in our little hire car, chilling out on black volcanic beaches, swiming, snorkeling eating loads and reading loads.
The book I finished last night called Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre (read the first chapter here) was spectacular. Absolutly riviting. Winer of the 2003 Mann book brize, this book winds a tale through Texan American culture, attutude, place and eating habits. Very funny, superb plot and characters. A MUST read.

I´ve now started reading The Great Gatsby! Anyway, I´m off to fix myself a drink and wait for the sundown (about 18:30 ish).

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