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Just finished reading ‘Around the world in 80 days’ by Jules Verne. A classic book. I thought I remembered the plot from a film version but didn’t the film have hot air balloons in it? (the book does not). It’s been a fascinating read of a technically plausible adventure. A world of no aeroplanes, Trans ocean steamers, colonial far east and a brilliant, rich eccentric Englishman and company. Jules’s style is although dated is a joy to read. Perhaps a sign of the times but Verne used long hand textbook perfect Queens English throughout.. Today’s common style in comparison strives for shorter was to describe things. Word economy. Summary: Top adventure. Wish I could have given him a DragonDrop adventure shirt.

I read it on my new ish phone/PDA which I’ve not mentioned on DD yet. : ( Top phone. I can blog from it! I am writing this on it.) I got the book for free. I discovered Microsoft Reader software and it’s and others huge libraries of free (and pay for) titles.

Question is what to read next… ?

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