Fairburn Ings nature reserve

Fairburn Ings nature reserve
Fairburn Ings nature reserve,
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Really nice little spot we are at. Loads of duck, swan, terns and moor hens

After further study, I’d say they probably weren’t moor hens that I saw, rather coots. Or, like the plural of a goose is geese, is the plural of a coot, a ceet? And I’m not sure of the turns had tuned up because they should be away on holiday his time of year I think.

After going for a (really nice) walk round the place we decided that it’s a superb little hidden gem of a place. Fairburn Ings is RSPB, several lakes, ponds and waterways hide hides and info, there’s an activity centre for the wee uns and loads of good info. We invented a new pass time – twitcher twitching. Try standing next to a tree with, looking up with a pair of bino’s. Before long you are joined by several bino wielding bird fans. See how many you can collect before moving on.

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