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sleeps, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Effective use of FIRE flyers #4846 With the kids stopping over at a friends house, we invited a few friends back to ours for a cuppa tea after an open mic / jam night at the Blues Bar. Darkus (pictured above) fell asleep and something got balanced on his knee.. That’s a good game thought… Read more →

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Watched Fargo last night. Good Film. The Coen brothers who wrote and directed the film are natural born film makers and who’s methodology is totally different to anyone else. They seem to have their own very laid back way of doing things, and think as a single unit. In the making of / extra features William H. Macy (lead male)… Read more →

Poster thingy

Poster thingy, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. I wish we had something like one of these in Harrogate. A site where bands / events etc. could freely and publically display listings and info. There are a few sites that have posters for council run (Harrogate International Centre) events but nothing is available for anyone else (or is there? Nothing I’m aware… Read more →

Hyde park

Hyde park, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Sat outside Hyde Park Picture House, we’d come here to see ‘Sky High’. It’s not on because of a problem with the booking.. Never mind.. Think we’ll got to the park for a bit, It’s a really nice day.


pav, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Flipping heck. He’s a bit on the good side.

Knboro bus

Knboro bus, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Just been to Knaresorough for a look see. on our way back to Harrogate, destination Revolution to see Pav, busker percussionist turned Manumission resident percussionist.


hoodrat, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Felix my boy is keen on getting a pet rat. I’ve just taken him to see the real things because the nice folks who have an office below mine have got some… It seems to like Felix’s hood.

George and Maria get wed

George and Maria get wed,originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Just come back from the wedding of an old friend George – At Harrogate District Hospital Chapel – He was a porter, she a Nurse, their eyes met over a hip operation patient a year ago this very day, and now they look like the happiest couple alive. Happy Happy Joy Joy…. Read more →

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What a night for a Monday that turned out to be! Geeked out till about 9 with Al, working on some visuals for FIRE, then went to ‘gate for a quiet one the to the packed Blues Bar to see PTSFP. They rocked. Really tight slick stuff they have – a lot of ‘faster louder harder’ type 5 pieces end… Read more →


PTSFP, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. WATCHING Peace Through Superior Firepower at the Blues Bar. Full on. Quality stuff. Missed Mullholland but it sounded like they had a good un. Bar.

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So apart from being whisked away on the magical mystery tour on Saturday, we’ve pretty much hibernated. I’ve been reading loads recently… It’s ages since I’ve read a chunky graphic novel but I picked up Tricked by Alex Robinson and it was superb. The experience of ‘doing’ a graphic novel is more like watching a film that reading a book… Read more →