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So apart from being whisked away on the magical mystery tour on Saturday, we’ve pretty much hibernated. I’ve been reading loads recently…

It’s ages since I’ve read a chunky graphic novel but I picked up Tricked by Alex Robinson and it was superb. The experience of ‘doing’ a graphic novel is more like watching a film that reading a book and if this were a film I think it would be a hit. The illustration work in here is so absorbing and the plot, following slices of the lives of 6 individuals initially unrelated, is addictive. I couldn’t put it down.
More info here and a forum that the author himself seems to frequent..

The other book I’ve read recently (finished it yesterday) is a new release – The Conjurors Bird by Martin Davies. It’s (another) 2 books in one styled book – a chapter to chapter tag team dual story, the first – a chip on his shoulder taxidermist who gets involved with a quest that soon takes over his every waking minute to solve, the second of the famous naturalist Joseph Banks who went with one of the finest Yorkshiremen ever – Captain James Cook on his first major voyage of discovery.

I liked it but found it perhaps a little padded out at times, and the romance angles were perhaps a little too ‘chick lit’ for my liking, but all in all an enjoyable read and apparently the factual reference (of which there is a fascinating amount) is true.

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