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What a night for a Monday that turned out to be! Geeked out till about 9 with Al, working on some visuals for FIRE, then went to ‘gate for a quiet one the to the packed Blues Bar to see PTSFP. They rocked. Really tight slick stuff they have – a lot of ‘faster louder harder’ type 5 pieces end up sounding like a big pile of mush but these guys have a crisp clean sound, some clever stuff with harmonies and timings – skills. PTSFP dedicated their last tune to Craig Drummond – a chap who had a nasty tumble a few weeks ago but is reportedly on the road to recovery. Ended up popping into Native after that, then to what was reportedly the last ever Bottom of the Bottle at Carringtons. Twas a good night. Ended up in Shinaz for a curry.

Oh – just uploaded a bunch of watchcam shots to my flickr space (and I’ve just gone flickr pro – hark at me!)

This animation:

is created from a book I read since Sunday – Red Dog by Louis de Bernières – the same chap who write Birds without Wings which I loved. Red Dog is a small book that is based on a true story of a dog who roams around Western Australia. Good book – may read it to the kids at some point. Its pages are printed in 2 colours – and have a flicker book style animation at the top right of each page – I used my watcham to capture stills to create a short animation of it.

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