Jet Lag

Jet Lag
Jet Lag,
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Its like jet lag for a few days after I have done a FIRE. Crazy weeks work lead into Quite a busy weekend leading up to said event comprised of 2 kids parties and our Associated Dairies (ASDA) big shop shop on Saturday. Sunday lie in, lead to Sunday lunch at a mates house then at 3:30pm hit the office to gather FIRE stuff. 5:30pm unloaded the van into Native. Stonking spectacular event with drumming, major tops quality tunes and playing from all involved, comedy golf sale antics, glitter bombs, Guinness, V&T’s & VRB’s 4am, closed. 5am breakfast in whistle stop café with the remains of crew, then coffee in Neros. Finished ‘work’ went home, walked kids to school. Big mistake of the day was sleeping. Normally fine and dandy after 1 nights sleep dep if I keep going steady away but sleeping for a couple of hours then waking up made me feel the worst I have felt in I don’t know how long. Felt really bad, hid in the top room where Eirene and Tina were decorating.

Half a central heating system was installed on Thursday, Friday was supposed to be completion day heralding the advent of not just cold but hot running water and some new fangled white painted metal objects bolted to the walls who’s propose it is to radiate heat throughout the house. What will the think of next.

Alas the chaps couldn’t come Friday leaving us with a house that looked like it was from the film ‘Brazil’. Today we’ve just had a book club meeting which is nice and joy of joy abound, though completion of the new fangled system today, we have hot water (apart from the shower and dishwasher the only hot water in the house has been from the kettle since October ish). What a bath I had. I’d been given some top clobber from Lush. A coffee, cocoa and hemp washy juice and a peppermint face pack thing (Unisex! Honest!). Really nice and well worth the 3 months in the winter wait for. I think.

Anyway.. Back to the jetlag thing. A Barry Whiter (all nighter) without the subsequent Leo Sayer (all dayer) gives you sort of jet lag, now 2:45am and I’m moblogging. May get back into reading ‘the conjurors bird’ which I got from the dairies on Saturday. I’ll let you know what it was like. Maybe in a few hours.

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