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door, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. So today I’ve been all over the place. Started out in East Leeds to meet a client. We the went to a building site for care homes near Keighley. I was taking photos for a how to / how not to manual. I got to wear a hard hat. Don’t doors look strange when you… Read more →

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I’ve uploaded some photos from the weekend – click here for the Grassington Gig / wedding set. Ben (hello!) gets the DragonDrop horseface of the month award and inspired THIS new set on my flickr. I got into the hall of fame yay!

View from the congas – Gig in’t Fozzers

View from the congas – Gig in’t Fozzers, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Played a gig on Saturday for a wedding party in the heaving Foresters Arms in Grassington. Such a nice night. Top company – loads of old friends – have not been together en mass for ages, top music, top beer top time.More photos later including some superb horse… Read more →

Alan Green

Alan Green, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. I’ve just met BBC’s football commentator Alan Green. He’s doing some voice recording in a studio down the corridor from my office. Nice chap.

Wooden Cowboys

Wooden Cowboys, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. I’m sat in ‘Poplar 2000. Your Favorite Stopping Place’ truck stop café, Lymm services, M6/M56 in the gool ol’ U of K. Just had a full english breakfast and a mug of tea for £4.20. Outside these very nearly life size wooden cowboys guard the entrance. This is bandit country. Its good sitting in… Read more →

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A busy few days. Went to near Otley this morning, saw a Red Kite. A magnificent bird of prey that it is. The breeding programme introduced at Harewood seems to be doing really well.Off to Runcorn in the morning to do some design stuff. Just been out to the Tap and Spile for a pint with an old mate of… Read more →

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Cats and dogs doing funny stuff has got to be one of my favorite things in the whole world.A couple of clips that I’ve been watching continuously for 2 days: Then there’s the talking cat clipsOh Long Johnson, Oh Don Piano

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Just finished watching Carnages written and directed by Delphine Gleize. Loved it. After a dramatic bull fight, various bulls parts are distributed throughout Europe – a bone for a dog, the horns to a taxidermist, the eyes to a scientist, all for various reasons. Some of the most extreme and complex relationships I’ve seen in a film which lead to… Read more →

horse face

Whilst out on site doing a dull conference as I was this week, you get a lot of down time. (smashing website that it is) newsletter 219 drew my attention to this website : All you need is a camera with flash and the ability to do horse impressions. The results are a right larf, I was having… Read more →


Dull tech blog coming up.. First blog in ages from home. DragonDrop centraal. I’ve not had a computer at home since June ish last year. Not really missed one. But I’ve just got a new laptop today and a broadband deal. Did get a wireless router kit but after an hour and a half going through several tech supporters, I… Read more →

My Name Is Asher Lev

My Name Is Asher Lev, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. JUST finished reading ‘My Name Is Asher Lev’ by Chem Potok. A stunning piece of work. The story follows the life of a Ladover Hasid Jew from Brooklyn who observes his religion, it’s Kosher food, and it’s deep rooted traditions. In his early childhood his artistic gift comes to life. The… Read more →

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I’m sat in Kings Suite, Harrogate International Centre. Tecky for a confernce. Quite dull o rama. Not that much to do at the moment. Someone has just been out and got a WiFi card so I can at least surf interweb. Ho hum.

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London was ace played at ‘NoForms’. Got down there Saturday evening in good time, big club, huge 60k PA that sounded amazing. Set up whilst eating a delivered chow mein from a chinese which was delivered for perfs and crew. One beef chow mein was left over. Doors opened at 22:30, did a warmer set with the first DJ at… Read more →