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So I woke up this morning and decided to get healthy. Since giving up smoking (yes I know I have the odd cig when I’m having a drink but nada for the rest of the time. I’ve quit since last August) I’ve been putting on the timber due to eating loads, due to having taste buds back, due to having nothing else to do with my down time (used to nip off for a smoke for my idea of a break, now I’ll have a snack) and due to the fact that Eirene is pregnant and eating for 2 so I tend to join her and eat for 2 as well. I’m out of shape.

So – what’s my solution? I’m off running that’s what. What a high tech process buying a set of running shoes was! cool stuff – went to see my old mate Martin who works at Up & Running in Harrogate. They’ve got this treadmill and camera set up that you run on for a bit and it analyses your style and the way your foot lands and so on. They have this hypercolour footprint imager thing that tells you what type of foot / arch you have. After a while of working out what I wanted etc. he came up with a pair of shoes that feel great and are perfect for me. It was one of them things where real shops are way better than internet – the value add I got from going in was unsurpassed. I also got a training program and loads of info on the world of running.

So I’m writing the blog as a note to myself really – hopefully I’ll keep the idea lodged in my head and keep at it. It’s supposed to be very enjoyable once you get into it. I used to go out running with my dad when he was training for marathons. Cor blimey. Maybe one day.

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