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A busy few days. Went to near Otley this morning, saw a Red Kite. A magnificent bird of prey that it is. The breeding programme introduced at Harewood seems to be doing really well.
Off to Runcorn in the morning to do some design stuff. Just been out to the Tap and Spile for a pint with an old mate of mine who now lives in London. Fullers London Pride was on. Dave convinced me, against my better judgement to give it a go. His local does it and he claimed it was a good drink. I should have stood by my first thought that they really don’t know how to make ale down south. If that’s what they are proud of then I dread to think what the run of the mill stuff is like. After that I sugested a good old Yorkshire beer – Hambletons. The difference was public transport verses Aston Martin, Premiership verses Sunday League. Yorkshire 1, Down South, 0.

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