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This is a bit freaky in a ‘big brother is watching’ kind of way, a chap I’m working with at the moment needed a scan of a bank note for a graphic / design he’s doing.. I had my camera with me so I offered to take a snap of the afore mentioned cash. I took 2 photos, and sent them to him (files were called DSC_27.jpg and DSC_28.jpg). When he tried to open them in Photoshop (CS1) the following scary message appeared..

This is the link in the message :

Begs the question – how does it know? Photoshop must have a hidden catalogue of all major bank notes and it must ‘test’ every image it opens.. Wouldn’t that be slowing down the application? What else is it looking out for? I’m even less keen on Photoshop now. VIVA LA FIREWORKS.

Here is some more thinking on this thread:::

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