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ja colour, originally uploaded by DragonDrop.

Nature seems to turn the colour volumes to MAX this time of year. Saw this outburst of colour yesterday lunch time as I took a break from where I was working near Castleford. Isn’t it a bit early for poppies though?

Had a busy week. Monday was breaking down FIRE (what a belter that night was – the new stage layout was great fun.. will be getting the video these chaps shot back next week for the interest of those who’ve been asking) Tuesday, took the day off and hung out with the family – went bowling to Megabowl at Clifton Moor. Wednesday, interface design type work for a software company in Harrogate, fun / challenging work. Thursday and Friday I was taking photo’s for a training manual at an old folks home. Went to the Plush 1st B’day party Thursday night at Revolution. Nice doo. Nibbles and champers, chocolate fountains. Sol beer was being promoted and was being all nice and free but decided I didn’t like it much. Sol 0. Corona 1.

Back yard still looks like a building site mind but last night we fired up the new brick BBQ. Top scran are us. Veg’d skewers, mackerel and sausages, proper warm sunny late afternoon, cold 1664’s and a brand new set of shiny barbecue tongs and flipper. How happy was I. Did get some Angus burgers and steaks as well but we were too pogged to stick em on. May eat them in a bit.

Today, got sorted out a bit then went to get Clover back from winter storage. The Summer has landed.

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