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Flickr has gone GAMMA! Over the last few months one website has really held my interest in a major way. It’s not (which is really cool in it’s own way). It’s not pandora (a recent discovery ranking in amongst the best musical splendidity), it’s not even some of the old favorites like b3ta or bbc (especially when the cricket… Read more →

Sick of spam

I am sick of spam. I’ve got loads of active email addresses and typically, I get about 500 emails over a weekend that VAST majority of which are spam. I’m loathed to spend time and money reducing it but thats what I’m going to have to do sooner or later. PAH! Rant over. Had a great weekend. Saturday daytime we… Read more →

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This is a cool list : TechEBlog Top 10 Strangest Watches but does not include the WQV-10 watchcam! (which I am the proud owner of one – unfortunatly they have been discontinued) Still – there are some very cool watches here. .

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Have a look at these sites that I’ve gotten into this week.. the cool hunter reports on things that are… well… cool. By jimmeny – it does what it says on the tin. Some very cool articles. Secondly – I’ve gotten really into pandora ( Basically, you design your own radio station. The more info you give it, the better… Read more →

happy privet

happy privet, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Went to take photo’s at an old folks home today which happens to be near Fairburn Ings Nature Reserve. Eirene’s nana (sophies great grandmother!) is over from Ireland at the mo so we went there for a walk around. Really nice place. Loads of wildlife. After that we went for lunch at the Tiger… Read more →

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” This is ace if (like me) you put your hours (weeks/months) in when Mario v1.0 came out on the NES. Probably quite bland-o-rama if you didn’t.

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Just uploaded a bunch of photo’s from my Casio WQV-10 watchcam.Have a look at the slideshow of them (the best way to view em cos they are tiny things) by clicking here>>

ja colour

ja colour, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Nature seems to turn the colour volumes to MAX this time of year. Saw this outburst of colour yesterday lunch time as I took a break from where I was working near Castleford. Isn’t it a bit early for poppies though? Had a busy week. Monday was breaking down FIRE (what a belter that… Read more →


She’s not lighting her trump. Clicr pic to see last night’s / this morning’s FIRE pics.