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Earby, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. I’m on my lunch break. Found a really nice spot overlooking Earby. Beautiful panorama with probably 40 mile visability. A kestral is hovering with pin point precision in front of me. Very cool to watch.

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This is odd/fantastic/disgusting/great/terrible…McDonalds VIDEOGAMEIf you liked sim city you’ll like this. If you dislike what McDonalds is doing to our planet, you’ll probably McLike this game.

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The latest DragonDrop Adventure Shirt Shot has been submitted:Ashen.. and his fine shirt are in Amsterdam, Holland. More Shots>>


So it was FIRE last night. Till about 11.30 it was looking like it was going to be a duff one. I’d figured that a lot of the FIRE regulars would be avoiding town and the testosterone rich St George brigades. Loads of groups of lads populated the town, post football and had been out (and drinking) since early afternoon…. Read more →

Pool near dorking

Pool near dorking, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Sat by an outdoor hotel pool near box hill, dorking. Recovering from a superb gathering. Eirene has got a HUGE family and about 30 turned up for a reunion. A very nice indeed meal lead into WiNe, BeER, Champagne, FLAMINg sambukas and 5am. Setting off for the long haul up NORTH for FIRE…. Read more →

New job

Got the first week at my new job behind me. Full on steep learning curve, way out of my comfort zone but it’s great. Got a lot to do. Just about to go to a school disco with Felix and Jaygo. Wonder if they do stella or guinness at school discos.. ? Off to London in the morning for a… Read more →

going Native

going Native, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Went to put the FIRE banner up at Native last night and ended up watching the England v Sweden World Cup match. After that I went to take some photos at Dumblond store which has just undergone a refurb. Went to work today. Hired a car for the time being to get too and… Read more →

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This is what the bar staff do at Native State when FIRE isn’t on 😉Max, Coctail supremeo (when he has mint) created this pyramid out of flyers for said event and sent me a photo (above).He’ll probably have a bit more on his hands tomorrow when the footy’s on’t 10×8′ big screen-o-rama vision.

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Started a new job / 4 – 6 month contract today. Nearly full time. Still ticking over my own company ( but put all projects (apart from cherry picked fun ones!) on back burner. Quite bizarre going back into the corporate trenches (the co I’m working for has 9k employees worldwide.) Good though. 40 mins each way in the car… Read more →


blaah!, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. It’s not every day you see one of these. Well I did yesterday. Walking through town I saw this chap and asked if I could take his photo. Not only did he say yes, but he also played the A-Team theme tune. Clowns don’t get much better than that in my book. Went to a… Read more →

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This looks fun.. Photojojo ? How to Shoot Impromptu Street Portraits There is a clicky for the gallery half way ish down that’s been created using the idea.

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Went out to watch England v T&T on the big screen in the packed Native State. Proper good atmospeher. Probably something to do with them two goals England popped in during the last ten minutes. Came home to avoid footy drunkards, babysit and work. My computer crashed after I’d got into something. Decided to knock it on the head and… Read more →


IMAGE_00444.jpg, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. This is a view from the roof of a popular night spot in the fine town of Harrogate. Points for guessing where.


paddle, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Had a great weekend. Outside for nearly all of it which was good due to the clement weather. Saturday we went to a patch of river near Ripon with some friends and swam and played and generally messed about. Bliss. After that we went up to Fraser’s shed for a full moon party. A full… Read more →