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So it was FIRE last night. Till about 11.30 it was looking like it was going to be a duff one. I’d figured that a lot of the FIRE regulars would be avoiding town and the testosterone rich St George brigades. Loads of groups of lads populated the town, post football and had been out (and drinking) since early afternoon. Some unsavory characters were ejected and it started picking up.

James K from Norway (well currently Manchester) was excellent. Jazz’d out cerebral sounds. Very nice. Mike H played one of the most enjoyable sets I’ve ever heard him do and I loved playing me congas over the top of said set. Dharma came out with some belters – some absolute classics then we have a very special surprise guest DJ – Robert Anthony all the way from Melbourne Australia who stepped the pace up and took the roof off.

Today, I’ve been working from home and have not even got out of bed yet. I’nt wireless networking brilliant!

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