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Had a monster party at our house over the weekend. Loads of people, loads of bbq fodder, loads of quality tunes (sounding superb thanks to the PA supplied by Allan Smyth Audio Visual) loads of beer n vodka. Finished reading “A History of Tractors in Ukranian” which is a top book. Funny, and fascinating really well planned out with a… Read more →

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Excellent round of disc golf last night. Got round in 34, a new personal best. Very addictive, wanted to go round again straight after but it was going to be getting dark. Went to the Blues Bar, had a couple of beers before going home and helping Eirene paint the kitchen. There now.

monkey-tofu safari

monkey-tofu safari, originally uploaded by paintMonkey. This image rocks for several reasons.#1 – My friend Paintmonkey is wearing a DragonDrop shirt, one of the finest shirts known to man or beast.#2 – I think it’s a superb image – so much going on#3 – All of the above. If you do click thru, be sure to check out some of… Read more →

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Puts it all into perspective : The Size Of Our World Top weekend, chilling mainly. BBQ at a friends today after morning in new back yard drinking tea and playing backgammon.


garden, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. this is the last corner of project Back Yard V2.0

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Spot on couple of days. Apart from being really tired at work on Friday – that sucked.Last night went round in 36 with Conor on the disc golf course. Ended up drinking late with our Polish next door neighbors who are a top laugh. Ended up going to ASDA at about 2 in the morning, got 2 gazeebos and proceeded… Read more →

m t choobs

m t choobs, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. What are those yellow pipes across the Dales, ALL ABOUT?? Massive yellow metal things, probably about 1.5m diameter, a flat back articulated lorry can only carry 3 at a time, stacked one on two, single length and there’ s about 10+ miles joined end to end.RDX15, RDX18, RDX14 are the only clues I’ve… Read more →

Las Sangras

Las Sangras, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Thornborough Festival 2006 – I think the best if not one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to. Eirene agrees. Las Sangras (pictured above) were the musical highlights for me. Many more highlights, including the shape of the place – an amazing site with stone circles, 3 stage and a black sheep beer… Read more →

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Off to Thornborough Festival tonight – I’m playing me conga ensemble at some point. . It’s sold out, It’s on all weekend it’s on a farm, it’s got 3 stages, loads and loads of cool people are going. It’s going to tops and check out the weather report for the next 5 days…

toilet queue

toilet queue, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Worked out that I’ve been going to the GREAT YORKSHIRE SHOW now (on and off) for about 26 years. I used to do wood carving on my dads stand when I was 6. That’s a hella long time ago. Only had a brief time there for this one, but it was heaving, and had… Read more →

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CONGRATULATIONS to Col and Sarah (Hobgobliners) and welcome to the world baby Isla Baxter, born at 00:35 today, 6lb 14oz all well. She shares the same birthday as Jaygo! Can’t wait to say hello. A new play mate for Sophie! yay yay happy day! (unless you’re French)

Cats run and pants

Cats run and pants, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Felix, if you are reading this in years to come or even in days to come – Your report on cats was fantastic. Really good, marble in your jar. My favourite page was this one – I found it funny that you wrote pants instead of pounce. Some great drawing of our… Read more →

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Discovery is in orbit at the moment and the internet is streaming life feed from outer space (and mission control) again. Call me a geek, but I find it fascinating.