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Cor has it really been that long since I blogged? I guess so. Well – it’s been mainly work. Currently just setting up to do some voice recording – I’m going to be the voice of the corkscrew at Flamingo Land… here is a snippets of the script..

“Welcome to the Corkscrew, Due to the extreme nature of this ride we would ask all guests to remove any earrings, hearing aids, or other items that may collide with the rides harness. Please be aware that the ride does create forces upon the neck and head, which some riders may find uncomfortable”

“Thank you for riding The Corkscrew please exit to your right hand side”


Unrelated (I hope) Is the fact that I’ve just finished reading Ben Elton’s new book “The First Casualty” which is riveting, yet in places a bit padded and repetitive in the way he describes things.

Very well researched though – fascinating portrayal of WWI. Gripping and nauseating in places for more than one reason.

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