Las Sangras

Las Sangras, originally uploaded by DragonDrop.

Thornborough Festival 2006 – I think the best if not one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to. Eirene agrees. Las Sangras (pictured above) were the musical highlights for me. Many more highlights, including the shape of the place – an amazing site with stone circles, 3 stage and a black sheep beer tent all set in beautiful, scenic North Yorkshire countryside. The people, of which there was only about 500 – 800 almost felt like a hand picked bunch of some of the loveliest people around. Mainly from Harrogate (I’d guess) it felt like everyone knew everyone. A whole bunch of love.

Other highlights included some of my favorite pastimes of sitting round a fire talking bobbins for hours and cricket. There were a load of cricket heads there and Alex brought his stumps, bat and ball got about 4 hours game time in. Saturday afternoon I turned the main stage into the Test Match Special stage for a while between bands and fed live cricket through the PA, mixed in with music. It kinda worked. It did for people what like cricket anyway. *ahem*

I got to play alongside DJ’s on Friday including a chap that rocked FIRE once – Will Power. I got invited to do a guest spot with Peace Through Superior Firepower yesterday in the blazing heat of late afternoon. Knowing (and loving) their music, I’d thought (because of it’s style) that it may not work but what the hay, give it a go and it sounded good (in my humble opinion!)

I’ll put a bunch of photos up later (need to edit them etc). I’ve made a group in flickr called Thornborough 2006 which you should add your photos to if you took some there!

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