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m t choobs, originally uploaded by DragonDrop.

What are those yellow pipes across the Dales, ALL ABOUT?? Massive yellow metal things, probably about 1.5m diameter, a flat back articulated lorry can only carry 3 at a time, stacked one on two, single length and there’ s about 10+ miles joined end to end.
RDX15, RDX18, RDX14 are the only clues I’ve seen pointing to turn off’s that the big huge artics what cart around said yellow pipes know about. I see them twice a day at the moment on my drive to/from work. They seem to go from 5 miles west of Skipton to East of Beamsley Hill, end to end, joined, carving huge scars through the Dales. I hope they tidy up after themselves. Properly mind. Would be interested to know – where does it start, where does it end and what’s going to be in them?

BBQ last night, got a new car today, nowt spesh, it’s red, it’s French it’ll do for now. S’nice enuff. disk golf tonight. Note to self, I must do better than:

Matt 41
Alex 41
Rich 36
Conor 27

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