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The war between google and yahoo has allways been interesting to watch from the touchline. For the consumer, it’s good because both still know that they have got to provide a predominantly free service yet entice users to their brand by bringing out better stuff. As far as search goes, I’d say google is the best, and what with recent… Read more →

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After the morning at the locks on Sunday morning, I popped home and geared up for the gig at the Slug. Technical hitchery, staggered the start till about 8.30 but when it kicked off it was an instant two thumbs fresh. J.Fredericks on the decks again – what a treat to play alongside his tunes. DJ Dharma came on after… Read more →

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Went out to collect Eirene’s bag that she left at that thing we went to last night in Barnoldswick. Grabbed some fry up fodder and found a picnic site next to these locks. Did a great fry up out the back of our van. Wandered down to the locks. Fascinating how they work – never had a chance to study… Read more →

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What a fantastic culinary experience we had last night. Our mate who’s a chef has just come back from France. As well as bringing back shed loads of quality food and drink, he brought our dinner.First course consisted of baked globe artichoke heads. Fantastic taste. Baked for about 40 mins, tear off the petals and eat the delicate, delicious flesh… Read more →

Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at (owzat?)

Ilkley Moor b’ah t’at (owzat?), originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Had a day out on Ilkley Moor today. Bracing Yorkshire wind cleared away the cobwebs. I love it up on’t hills this time of year with the colour changing the way it does. Some of the heather goes a DragonDrop purple. Absolute shambols at the cricket today. Accusation of ball tampering… Read more →


shamrock, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Back in blighty now. Great mini holiday that was. Did all sorts. Hanging out with relations, eating lots, fresh air, chilling, exploring and all sorts. I’ve jsut uploaded a bunch more photos into this set

first guinness

first guinness, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Sophie’s first taste of the black stuff. (before you report me to the authorities / rspcc we only wet her lip with it). She accepted it with a gleefull look in here eyes – sign of things to come? If she’s anything like her mother and father – I guess so. That’s my pint… Read more →

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So glad we were’nt going further yesterday. It was crazy in the Airport. Still, got to hang out with my lovely cousin and family. Chilled crossing – had a cabin which was a good move. Arrived in Dublin 22 hours after setting off from Harrogate. A full day of R&R has just about sorted us out.


Today we awoke with a sense of excitement. We were booked on the 10.50 Ryanair flight to Dublin. 10 mins later after a phone call from my Dad we switched on the news to hear the chaos that was happening in airports over the country as security measures were raised to critical (the highest). 21 people had been arrested on… Read more →

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This was me by the boundary at Headingley Cricket Ground to watch England v Pakistan. Superb day. Top spot in the East stand, access to a v/nice bar at the top. Good company. Streakers, Mexican waves, Sunday lunch, reasonably priced beer (at an international sporting event !) and spot on weather. The cricket, although didn’t quite go the way we… Read more →

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Hello. I thought I would take a moment to say what a beautiful day we all had yesterday at the wedding of Chrissie and Steve. The bride looked absolutely gorgeous in a full length cream gown and green wrap. During the ceremony they were so sweet and loved up it was truly beautiful to see. Matt did very well getting… Read more →

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I’m turning into a right creature of habit. For the last 4 Thursday in a row (I think) I’ve been out playing disc golf. Played 18 holes last night, got round in 73. Looking forward to this weekend. Off to a wedding tomorrow then off to Headingly to watch England v Pakistan test cricket on Sunday.


Skipton, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Just come into skipton for me lunch hour. A wander down the canals revealed a very pretty side to said town that I’d not seen before.

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A while ago I commented on the huge yellow pipe that was carving it’s way across the dales / Lancashire / Yorkshire. It’s still there, behaving in a very odd way. Mark Simpson, the BBC’s North of England correspondent has written an article on said pipes. He’s answered all my questions.. read it here :